Disruption: Birthplace of CMS, Cloud, Custom Software
Krysta Hunt
Nov 29, 2018

Once upon a time, an amazing new communication tool called the internet was created by geeks. When non-geeks saw it, they said, “This is ugly and I don’t understand how to use it.” So, some other geeks got together and said, “Let us create a set of standards that will allow us to make the internet pretty and usable.” And…HTML was born. That’s kinda sorta how it started. HTML enabled readable links and the addition of pictures. For the early nineties it was pretty cutting edge, but by today’s standards, yikes! In 1994, if someone had said, “You know a…

98 Questions UX Designers Must Ask
Grace Hartman
Nov 25, 2018

For a UX Designer, it’s easier when you start with the answers. The ability to ask meaningful questions is a fundamental yet often overlooked skill in the UX Designer’s toolkit. I’ve begun to notice a clear correlation between the number of questions a designer asks throughout the process and the quality of the final design output. It’s much more than creating, it’s about understanding your problem so well that the solution is obvious. In order to understand the challenge at hand, UX Designers must ask great questions at every stage of the process. I’ve catalogued a robust list (98 to be exact) of questions…

A Semi-Radical Argument for the VIM Text Editor
Erik Leon
Oct 25, 2018

To many (perhaps to most), VIM is more a meme than a text editor. It has a reputation of being incredibly difficult to learn, with the simplest of tasks requiring arcane commands and combinations of keystrokes. The internet is replete with jokes about how difficult it is to do anything with VIM, including something as fundamental as closing the program. For those who choose to look past the reputation and try to learn to use VIM, the first thing they encounter is that it’s a command-line application. Command line? What is this, 1975? It seems archaic. They open the program…

3 Tips for Voice User Interface Design
Becky Pierson
Oct 16, 2018

Voice user interface design is a new challenge Whenever I’m faced with a new challenge I like to do research to learn as much as I can before I take a stab at defining my own design rules around that topic. I keep these design rules written down throughout the project so I can make sure my designs are backed by proven user research. They are a living, breathing document that I edit as needed and reference often. Recently I’ve been tasked with designing a voice feature for an IoT system I previously designed for an elderly demographic. These are…

Denver Startup Week: Process Is Not a Dirty Word
Nick Coppolo
Sep 25, 2018

The ubiquitous image of the startup delivery team is one of product people, designers and developers running fast and loose, fueled by passion and great coffee. All too often these teams suffer from “group think paralysis” and the death spiral cocktail made up of poorly communicated requirements, arbitrary timelines, quality issues and a lack of predictability. For startups and with cross-functional teams, a mature software design and development process, one that compliments the unique needs of an early stage venture can dramatically increase capitol efficiency and speed to learning as well as lower the costs of goods. Spire Digital’s Chief…