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Magna Legal Services

| New Client

Magna Legal Services provides end-to-end legal support services to law firms, corporations, and governmental agencies throughout the nation. Spire is integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into their offerings.


| New Client

Parsyl, an internet of things supply chain data platform, has contracted Spire to provide mobile application development services.


| New Client

FoodMaven is an online marketplace and rapid logistics company that provides high-quality local and oversupplied food – lost food – at about half price to restaurants and institutional kitchens. They have tapped Spire to provide an array of user experience design and application development services.

DBJ Office Tour

| Press

The Denver Business Journal featured Spire's headquarters in its DBJ Offices series. Watch the video, peruse the pics, and behold The Dojo in all its glory here.

Monarch Mountain

| New Client

One of Colorado's most beloved ski areas, Monarch Mountain, has entrusted Spire to grow and maintain its digital properties.

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