WATCH: Designing Empathetic User Experiences During COVID-19

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best places to work
Becky Pierson
Apr 23, 2020

Is it enough to send one email to your customers about how COVID-19 is impacting your business? Spire’s Becky Pierson, Product Lead, and Lauren Sherby, UX Designer, discuss multiple ways that organizations can design more empathetic and valuable user experiences right now. Video Transcription: Introduction Becky: Hi everyone, I’m Becky. Lauren and I are both on the design team at Spire Digital and we wanted to get together and record ourselves having a conversation about everything that’s going on right now and what we believe a designer’s role is to help get companies and users through these unprecedented times.  So…

3 Qualities UX Designers Bring to Product Leadership
best places to work
Becky Pierson
Jan 15, 2020

I’m Becky Pierson, a Product Lead at Spire Digital. As a Product Lead, I work with clients to translate grand visions into a roadmap of defined stories. Then, I use an agile software development process to create effective, releasable client demos. I chose to write on this subject because it hits home for me for a few reasons:  I care a lot about my work, and continuous improvement is always top of mind.  Being a young professional, I feel like I constantly have to prove my worth. As a woman, I feel double the amount of pressure to prove my value. …

8 Reasons You Think You Don’t Need User Research (and Why You Do)
best places to work
Becky Pierson
Sep 12, 2019

User Research can play a key role in the success or failure of a business. Most business executives agree that it is important to do market research before working toward building a new product, but what executives sometimes miss is that once their team proves there is a market need for their product, the research doesn’t stop. In fact, it is just beginning. According to Forbes, 9 out of the top 20 reasons why startups fail are related to customer needs. While the state of the economy is often the most important factor, it’s also important that a startup solves consumer…

3 Tips for Voice User Interface Design
best places to work
Becky Pierson
Oct 16, 2018

Voice user interface design is a new challenge Whenever I’m faced with a new challenge I like to do research to learn as much as I can before I take a stab at defining my own design rules around that topic. I keep these design rules written down throughout the project so I can make sure my designs are backed by proven user research. They are a living, breathing document that I edit as needed and reference often. Recently I’ve been tasked with designing a voice feature for an IoT system I previously designed for an elderly demographic. These are…

Accessible Design: Designing for the Elderly
best places to work
Becky Pierson
Apr 3, 2018

This is Part 1 in the Spire Digital Accessible Design Series, which will include groups that are often left out and not considered. Our goal is to make accessible design a part of designers’ best practices, every day. As product designers, it is our job to advocate for end users no matter what we’re hearing from stakeholders or product influencers. This means every time we open our laptops we have to check our biases at the door, forget our friends and family and focus solely on the product at hand and the big, diverse world we’re releasing it to. We…

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