3 Tips for Voice User Interface Design
Becky Pierson
Oct 16, 2018

Voice user interface design is a new challenge Whenever I’m faced with a new challenge I like to do research to learn as much as I can before I take a stab at defining my own design rules around that topic. I keep these design rules written down throughout the project so I can make sure my designs are backed by proven user research. They are a living, breathing document that I edit as needed and reference often. Recently I’ve been tasked with designing a voice feature for an IoT system I previously designed for an elderly demographic. These are…

Accessible Design: Designing for the Elderly
Becky Pierson
Apr 3, 2018

This is Part 1 in the Spire Digital Accessible Design Series, which will include groups that are often left out and not considered. Our goal is to make accessible design a part of designers’ best practices, every day. As product designers, it is our job to advocate for end users no matter what we’re hearing from stakeholders or product influencers. This means every time we open our laptops we have to check our biases at the door, forget our friends and family and focus solely on the product at hand and the big, diverse world we’re releasing it to. We…

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