How Agile Remote Work Became a Growth Strategy for Spire During COVID-19
Danielle Walker
Mar 24, 2020

Working remotely is a business advantage that has contributed to our most profitable quarter in 21 years. It has been made possible by processes such as: Eliminating silos and barriers to pushing code A standard to hire the best talent in the world, rather than just the city where we are headquartered Lean methodology and the elimination of tribal knowledge Clear communication with staff about what makes the individual successful and how each individual contributes to the company’s success In an increasingly connected world and global economy, many companies perceive remote work as challenging to implement. At Spire Digital, we…

How To Write Good Software Requirements
Danielle Walker
Feb 26, 2019

Our team of product owners and agile developers have spent the last 20 years perfecting the art of creating software requirements. They’ve passed tickets back and forth, refined processes, and ultimately, mastered writing software development tickets. A ticketing system is used in every custom software project. No matter if we’re creating an iPhone app, a web-application, or a website, a tool like JIRA, Asana, or Zendesk is required. At Spire, we follow the Atlassian school of thought, sporting JIRA and Confluence in our project management stack. One single ticket, with meticulously written instructions, passes through 7 columns: “To Do,” “Ready…

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