Digital Marketing Advice From A Mediocre Fisherman
Dave Maren
Sep 25, 2018

Greetings from Creede, Colorado, the last stop on my summer vacation tour. As summer closes, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on the skills I’ve used over the last few months…fishing for instance. I’ve been doing a fair amount of fishing on this trip, and find digital marketing to be a lot like fishing. You start with some hypotheses about where you think you’ll catch the most fish, but it’s all about testing out different fishing holes. And the testing never ends. We set it up to measure KPIs at each stage of the funnel, with a heavy emphasis on…

Doing Good with Design Thinking
Dave Maren
Nov 1, 2017

I. Finding Inspiration There’s this special time in life, when you’ve accepted a job offer, but don’t yet have to do the job. We all know this time. This past Spring I accepted a job with Spire, but had a few weeks to basically do whatever I wanted, before the job officially began. So I made my to-do list. It had only two items.   #1: Swim with sea creatures off the coast of Baja. That’s me with my daughter Jane. She’s a fearless 7 year old (and makes a wonderful human shield).   #2: Go to the Skoll World…

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