At Spire, our clients are so diverse that each engagement brings new challenges and daily opportunities to be creative. There's nothing like being surrounded by a team that is always pushing boundaries.

The unique user research we tackle, the collaboration with Spire developers, and our weekly design team critiques mean every day is an opportunity to learn something and become a better designer.

Becky, Product Designer

Aspire. Inspire. Perspire.

There are four types of people: those who can see the problem, those who can imagine the solution, those who can build the solution, and Spire People, those who can do it all. Are you Spire People?


Unlimited PTO

Take as much as you need. Under Spire’s Freedom and Responsibility plan, full-time employees enjoy unlimited PTO and 9 holidays off. Including your birthday. We also offer work-from-home and remote options without restriction.


100% Health & Dental

Stay healthy and happy. Study the fine print at other companies, they’ll pay some but not all of your monthly premium. We cover everything. At Spire, full-time employees pay nothing for health or dental insurance.


Quarterly Profit Sharing

Every Spire employee is awarded a portion of the company’s profits 4 times per year. We work together to build delightful, profitable digital products that our clients love and we all share the rewards.


Continuous Learning

Very few people can imagine all the possibilities on the road ahead, while solely focusing on the ones that provide the most value and the highest return. You’ll work with a world-class team and have the opportunity to attend educational events.

Spire Digital

Open positions

Spire People change businesses and products through consulting, they create and craft bespoke worlds for users, they engineer simple and elegant technologies, they make the complex seem simple and the difficult seem easy.