Alchemy IoT


AI-Powered IoT Asset Intelligence Reduces Operational Downtime

In partnership with Alchemy Iot, Spire built an application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and unsupervised machine learning to monitor construction equipment. Together we increased Alchemy IoT’s overall profitability, improving workflow and process for the construction company.

Artificial Intelligence Approach

We kicked off the custom software project by interviewing stakeholders and construction foreman in charge of heavy machinery stationed on-site. This helped us better understand how sensors tracked the overall performance of individual machines. Most machines track location, performance and environmental information, but it was challenging to leverage all of that data for separate teams using it for different purposes.

We learned that construction foreman wanted to better monitor how their fleets were operating in real-time. But when issues occurred, an administrator needed to create work orders and schedule the machine for maintenance.

Making Light of Heavy Machinery

We designed a custom software solution that connects sensor data and leverages it for the benefit of multiple teams. The user experience was designed to help both administrators and foreman make better decisions and reduce the amount of operational downtime. Things like where machines are placed geographically, overheated engine temperatures, and overall performance and be tracked and easily accessed by various teams. Greater visibility into existing and historical data helps administrators optimize maintenance efficiencies.


With the ability to monitor in real-time and schedule work orders for maintenance, administrators are now able to better predict when issues might occur on-site. This increases Alchemy IoT’s operational efficiency of both machines and work crew. Construction projects that were previously delayed by maintenance issues are now completed on time and under budget.

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