Overcoming Inertia to Overcome Hearing Loss

Finding the right healthcare provider can be a daunting task. Online tools often don’t make it any easier, particularly when searching for a specialist. We’ve all been there, starting with the mental battle of determining what type of specialist to search for in the first place.

If your child had a hearing problem, and an online search tool presented you with a list of the following categories, where would you start? Audiologist, Audiometrist, Otolaryngologist (ENT), Otologist, Neurotologist, Speech Pathologist, or Hearing Instrument Specialist? It can be overwhelming, and the search is further complicated by uncertainty around insurance coverage.  

Cochlear, the world leader in hearing implants, came to Spire Digital to clear these roadblocks. Armed with insight from prospective customers, it was evident that their existing clinic finder tool created a barrier to adoption. Knowing that one in five Americans has suffered some degree of hearing loss, including many of our own loved ones, we were honored to accept the challenge. After all, there are few things more touching than seeing someone regain their hearing.

Enabling Emotional Readiness

Our goal with creating the new Clinic Finder tool went well beyond the functional aspects of finding a clinic. We sought to put the user at ease during the journey, and create a state of emotional readiness, replacing confusion and hesitation with clarity and excitement. To that end, we did away with taxonomic jargon in favor of conversational language. We crafted an experience that walks people through a set of easy to answer questions, providing reassurance along the way, in the form of inspiring customer stories, testimonials and imagery.    

Utilizing Smart Technology

The app primarily functions on the front end using HTML/CSS and javascript tools such as Handlebars.js. The experience is propelled by an updated database layer. We built a new admin view, through which Cochlear feeds their clinic location data. Marketing automation tracking and site visitor analytics are baked into every step of the clinic finder workflow via custom Marketo integrations, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. User responses and contact information are funneled directly into Cochlear’s CRM, for use by customer support and field services teams.

Achieving Business Objectives

Through our work, Clinic Finder has grown into a strategic tool for building the brand, generating and nurturing leads, driving conversion, and ultimately helping people hear. What’s more, this modern, single-page web application can be seamlessly dropped into any Cochlear website page or microsite.

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