A New Digital Hub for an Iconic Retail Brand

Have you ever wondered what the most profitable item is inside a grocery store? It’s the Coinstar kiosk — the machine that converts those extra pennies into paper cash. Coinstar is the world leader in counting and converting coins at retail, with volume exceeding $3 billion dollars annually. Through the years, the core service has expanded to include a number of complementary innovations. These include an eGift Card option that provides greater buying power with no transaction fee to drive business with retail partners. Another example is the charitable donation option, which gives caring people an easy way to use their spare change to create real change, raising $72 million for worthy causes to date.

Prior to engaging Spire Digital, Coinstar’s track record of success and innovation had not yet translated through to its digital presence. In fact, felt more like an afterthought than a core business driver. So Coinstar came to Spire Digital to transform the site into a next-generation digital hub, featuring a best-in-class design, with a customized user experience and toolset to enhance the brand’s value proposition.

User Research & Strategy

At the onset of the project, our goals focused on ensuring a shared understanding of the brand, vision for the new site, and desired business outcomes. We gained alignment with key internal stakeholders around project direction and tech stack, took inventory of existing assets, and built a roadmap for feature implementation. We conducted interviews with customers, with qualitative findings supported by quantitative research in the form of a top task survey, which inspired ideas and hypotheses for this transformational project. Along the way, we developed an empirical understanding of where and how the existing site was falling short with users. In addition to the interviews and survey, we obtained data through Hotjar mouse movement tracking and a thorough review of Google Analytics.

UX Design

Drawing on the corpus of learnings, Spire designed the hub with a focus on clarity of information, ease of use, and streamlined functionality. Having established the site’s feature set, our work focused on the information architecture, and key screen flows for each user type. Developing a visual and interaction design system that aligned with the brand was a key next step, leading into the creation of an initial InVision prototype for user testing. The prototype was iterated and expanded over numerous design and testing cycles. During the process, we crafted responsive mobile views, enabling a great experience regardless of device type.

Developing the Hub, and the Business

In building the hub, we ensured that it’d be easy for non-technical staff to update. We then created variants of the site for key markets around the world, facilitating global expansion. What’s more, the work we did on the hub is now being leveraged to advance the Coinstar in-store kiosk experience.


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