Helping a Satellite TV Provider Reach for the Stars

“Going paperless” has lost some of its marketing luster. It is the new norm. Customers expect they’ll be able to view and manipulate their subscriptions online, as well as pay their bill digitally. Companies that aren’t offering digital payment or account management options to customers are likely losing them, spending too much admin time, and losing money. Especially in the enterprise space, companies must take a digital first approach.

Elevating the Customer Experience

With over 13 million subscribers, Dish Network is the primary source of digital entertainment for many Americans. As an industry leader, the company wanted to expand the value of their account management app to give customers the ability to view their package, make changes, and pay their bill.

Customer frustrations and customer service costs were increasing. The Dish team knew they needed to depart from their traditional top-down process of product development to ensure the new app addressed customer pain points. Spire’s upfront research, rapid prototyping, and testing would uncover a path for product development.

10 Days to a Better Tomorrow

Dish partnered with Spire Digital for a 10-day innovation lab focused on discovering what would elevate the customer service experience. In addition to guiding the Dish team through a new process that put customers first, we helped Dish move quickly and embrace change.

Embarking on the work, it was important that our team understood real customer problems prior to defining functionality. A combination of customer service records, user interviews, and a top task survey gave us a detailed picture of the challenge before we moved into solutions.

Moving the Business Forward, in Record Time

With trust between customers and providers being a recurring problem in the industry, the goal of our customer research was to answer the question: “What would you change to make this better for you?”

By scoring features based on user value, business value, and level of effort, we helped Dish create the feature list and roadmap for their new digital platform, to drive the business forward. We then turned the feature list into a clickable prototype of the new app, which we guerilla tested with a slate of customers to validate usability. Within just four weeks of inception, the app design was production ready.

This experience was incredibly enriching. I walked away with tons of great notes and ideas for how I’d like to improve my own team’s processes.

Senior Development & Architecture Manager, Dish


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