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Online Video and Ad Tech

Epiphany’s founders have over a decade of experience in online video and advertising technology. With the core of their Denver-based business focused on ad tech, they sought a solution that would allow global clients to better manage their video ad spaces, a typically cumbersome and time-consuming process. Spire Digital led the development and branding efforts that resulted in Epiphany, a platform for buyers and sellers of video, mobile and interactive ads. Epiphany is a client-facing, responsive web application that allows ad managers to view, track and manage publishable ads, data and metrics in one dashboard, saving time that was previously spent managing multiple spreadsheets

Industry Leading App

Digital Consulting saw the industry-leading potential in an app like Epiphany. Players in the internet ad-buying game needed access to the data and metrics they wanted, as quickly as possible, in an easy-to-download format. To accomplish this, Digital Consulting needed custom web app development using modern, open-source technologies—arriving at a digital product that could be automated, scalable, efficient and ultimately cost-reducing for clients.

UX Design and Branding

Spire did a competitive analysis of the ad tech publishing industry before starting on the digital product UX design and branding while Spire’s developers began integrating data between Adap.tv, a major ad data aggregator (now part of ONE by AOL), and other publisher data sources.  The resulting outputs were then crafted into a modern user interface, which provides valuable near real-time data to Digital Consulting’s growing customer-base. Spire’s team built Epiphany on a LAMP stack with much custom PHP, and hosted with Amazon AWS. In addition to designing and building a custom application, Spire’s design team also created the vision for the Epiphany brand, designing the logo, color palette, guideline and tone in the style of Iron Man—as sleek, futuristic and powerful as Tony Stark himself.

Digital Product Solution

Beyond providing an attractive and easy-to-view user interface, Epiphany also responds to the unique complexities of interactive video and mobile advertising ecosystem. The application empowers Digital Consulting’s clients with a robust set of account and provisioning tools, and empowers account administrators with the ability to negotiate publishing payments and agreements directly from the platform. With Epiphany, the future is the key. Spire designed Epiphany with the ability to scale and grow into a host of derivative brands and service offerings as Digital Consulting continues to seize product development opportunities in the video adserv space.

Spire’s team was efficient, well-managed, and delivered impressive results. Spire’s software has helped us increase revenue by 30%.

CEO, Epiphany AI


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