Responsive Web Design For Socially Conscious Food Industry Leader

Have you ever seen an ugly carrot? They’re usually the ones left at the bottom of the bin at grocery stores, overlooked by perfectionist shoppers. FoodMaven gives those carrots a second chance. They recover the more than $200 billion in lost revenue caused by wasted food each year, be it over-purchased or imperfect goods. Then, FoodMaven resells it to restaurants and institutional kitchens at a significant discount.

Tackling the Problem of Lost Food

Remarkably, the amount of food produced globally is enough to feed over 10 billion people (far more than the population of Earth today). But the food distribution system is highly imperfect, resulting in massive amounts of waste. Foodmaven is a forward-thinking social enterprise focused on tackling the problem of lost food through the deployment of rapid logistics and an innovative online marketplace that connects distributors, manufacturers and producers to restaurants and institutional buyers. It’s a system in which each actor wins. Those on the supply side are able to avoid writing it off, while those on the buy side are able to enjoy savings of 50% without compromising quality. Since 2015, FoodMaven has brought greater agility and flexibility to the U.S. food system, saving 1.3 million pounds of food from landfills.

Partnering for Social Impact

FoodMaven and Spire Digital partnered to bring awareness to FoodMaven’s cause and business via the design and development of a new modern, responsive website. The team at Spire was challenged with an aggressive timeline. We expedited the build so development could run in parallel to design, ultimately producing a website that more clearly communicates FoodMaven’s work and impact. The WordPress website showcases dedicated flows for buyers, sellers, and other stakeholders, making it easy for users to navigate. Bold colors and highly-visible CTA buttons move users through the website to typical conversion points where they can learn more about the organization, make purchases, and more.

A Highly Effective New Site, in about a Month

In less than five weeks, we produced an intuitively designed WordPress website on time and on budget. Since launch, awareness and traffic have increased dramatically and FoodMaven is thrilled with the results. Now, users and can access the website from any device, opening up traffic sources that were previously inaccessible to the company. We’re proud to help FoodMaven reduce hunger, foster an environmentally conscious community, and save food from landfills. Ugly carrots and all.


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