Changing the Game for Endurance Athletes

For all the training hours they put in, it’s amazing how much time competitive cyclists, runners, and triathletes spend online, meticulously researching how to optimize their preparation for an event. The ritual involves a great deal of trial and error, as every human reacts differently to the same inputs. After all, with the exception of identical twins, no two individuals share the same DNA.

Athletes know that a better understanding of one’s genetics can enable a more informed, tailored training program with minimal wasted effort. But until now, DNA sequencing and analysis to guide training had been cost prohibitive outside of elite ranks.

Genetic Insight to the Weekend Warrior

Helix, Carmichael Trainings Systems (CTS), and Spire Digital are changing the game with the introduction of EnduranceDNA. The app provides competitive endurance athletes, even those in the amateur ranks, with customized guidance on training – including specific genetic insights around performance, injury risk, and nutrition – tailored to each user’s DNA profile.

The cadre of professional coaches at CTS, a leader in the space for over 17 years, work with athletes to understand and leverage their natural strengths, while shoring up their weaknesses. With the EnduranceDNA app, having a read on an athlete’s genetic makeup allows for a new level of precision in customizing a training program. Importantly, the app also allows CTS to scale by extending its customer base to serve competitive athletes outside its traditional coaching structure.

Trailblazing Design

In creating the app, Spire worked closely with Helix geneticists and CTA professional coaches to design a platform where athletes can easily identify and understand noteworthy genetic insights, and then utilize CTA’s highly experienced training recommendations. Our approach focused on balancing scientific results with a relatable and premium experience.

The biggest challenge our team faced was finding a unified way of categorizing risk and noteworthy levels for myriad traits. We came together to produce an interface that was scientifically accurate, but also humanized so that any person would understand the results. Our solution was to identify “good” and “bad” through color, and then risk level through text, so that users could focus on the traits they should pay attention to most, and not become overwhelmed by the content.

The EnduranceDNA web app is a featured product in Helix’s groundbreaking DNA app marketplace. Sequencing about 90 percent of the world’s DNA data, Helix is leading the industry and humanity to new heights – and Spire is proud to be their go-to digital product development partner.


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