Silversea Cruises


On-Demand and Real-Time Feeds

Monaco-based luxury cruise line, Silversea Cruises, sails on all seven continents, spanning every time zone and corner of the earth. Passengers expect top service from the ships, including speedy maritime internet service and robust onboard video entertainment. Silversea needed a solution to deliver on-demand as well as real-time network video and music feeds to their passengers. Experienced in local area networks and entertainment portal development, Spire was a perfect choice to undertake this task.

Flawless Integration

Each and every ship has its own onboard servers and internet service provider – with no direct connection to land-based IT. Silversea needed a single solution that could be replicated for every cruiseliner in their fleet, each providing the same flawless integration and service. On-demand television, movies, and music would have to be delivered even better than they are on shore.

MVP To Launch

Spire’s developers, strategists, and devops experts built an MVP to launch on a single ship, the Silver Whisper, with the intent of eventually expanding the perfected final product on the other ships. The install occurred while sailing through the Caribbean, where real feedback was gathered from real users.

Entertainment Software on the High Seas

The final product is now in use throughout the high seas. With Silversea, Spire has managed to set a new standard for maritime entertainment that has sent reverberations throughout the cruise industry and delighted endless travelers.

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