Putting the Bleeding Edge within Reach for the Enterprise

For enterprise companies, digital transformation can be daunting, tedious, taxing. Conflicting priorities across departments and budgetary restrictions make a big initiative like cloud replatforming difficult to advance. Once stakeholders have settled and a plan of action laid, where do enterprise companies turn to implement these bleeding-edge projects? It is unlikely they have “insert new technology here” firm listed in their approved vendor rolodex. In today’s age, digital moves quicker than the consultant directory of a big company. That’s where SPeerz Consulting & Managed Services comes in.  

Think care.com or rover.com for enterprise technology: The SPeerz platform allows users to find, review, and contact firms offering the services they need to stay ahead. The latest cloud, SaaS, and agile technologies are available to compare and contact via its Insights Platform. At the enterprise level, SPeerz aligns business outcomes with the operational metrics and monitoring platforms that support them. The custom software can be used by admins, IT users, service provider users, or advisors. Consulting services can also leverage SPeerz to monitor services overtime and address key metrics for its clients.

Bringing the Concept to Fruition

SPeerz partnered with Spire Digital to research, design, and develop a product that had never existed. We began by investigating cloud services, SaaS, monitoring platforms, business network websites, and review platforms. Then, our team of product designers and out-of-the-box thinkers took to the whiteboard to wireframe and brainstorm the platform into existence. Our initial goal was to create an MVP version of the platform. With a minimum viable product, we’d be able to test and iterate. Through the wireframing and brainstorming process,  we worked out the user experience and identified specific key features.

Ultimately, in partnership with SPeerz, we uncovered two important elements for the MVP: First, searching and filtering through hundred and eventually thousands of companies and services would need to be accounted for. We decided to require that each service and provider add tags to their profile. The tags are incorporated into an intuitive search result filtering UI for fast and easy use. The second challenge surrounded the customer generated review process. SPeerz needed to give its users the ability to review different aspects of services or providers, which differed from the typical review process you might see on Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor. Through research, we came to understand the utility of allowing users to continuously update their reviews throughout a product’s lifecycle. We decided to implement a single review structure but assigned them to a predetermined category. Users are able to track their reviews overtime, make updates, and add the same or different types of reviews.

SPeerz has had significant influence on the enterprise technology industry. Over 2,500 companies have added profiles to the platform. Hundreds of reviews have been submitted and we’ve seen dozens of repeat reviews.


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