Enhancing the Online Presence of WOW

WOW! approached Spire with intention of refreshing their online presence. They wanted to create a new experience and purchase decisions backed by real data and testing, so we were the perfect people for the job. They wanted to break from the norm of normal telecomm buying flows that you see with Xfinity/CenturyLink/etc.

Optimized, Unique Design

We designed a page, tested with real users, consolidated feedback, iterated, demoed to the WOW! team, took in all business rules, adapted and iterated design, and moved rapidly to adjust user flow. Wash, rinse, repeat for 12 weeks until we had a solidified, data-backed experience from landing through the purchase flow.

Creative Optimizing

People were overwhelmingly skeptical of Bundles and we found that lighthearted, transparent, hand-holding copy help ease the qualms of users, while giving WOW! significant credibility.

Boosting Online Sales

WOW! (as of July 2018) had already increased online sales by a significant margin.