Five Ways to Optimize Digital Growth with Contentful
Elizabeth Diloreto
May 21, 2021

This is a snippet from the article, Make life simpler for marketers with Contentful,  first published by our parent company, Kin+Carta. As Contentful Gold partners, we were proud to sponsor and speak at their global customer roadshow, Blueprints. Our CTO Martin Paton discussed simplifying content operations with Compose + Launch, one of Contentful’s many powerful tools. He also talked about how to best manage Contentful and other flexible stacks to create the most relevant and engaging experience for your marketing team. Why Contentful? We have been working with Contentful for many years, have many certified specialists and in December 2020…

Behind the Work of a UX and UI Agency Leader
Elizabeth Diloreto
Apr 14, 2021

To highlight the perspectives of our leadership team here at Spire Digital, part of Kin + Carta, we have conducted a series of executive interviews to gain deeper insight into their unique backgrounds and their opinions on key topics. For this blog post, we interviewed Garrett Kroll, our VP of Design and Managing Director. Garrett co-leads all design services and processes at Spire, in addition to coaching all members of the design team. Garrett specializes in taking large and complex problems and distilling them into simple and intuitive experiences that accelerate business strategy.   Can you tell us a little…

How Dual-track Methodology Leads to Successful Custom Software Development
Spire Digital
Spire Digital
Apr 2, 2021

Lean Methodology In a previous blog post, “How Lean Methodology Boosts the Efficiency of Software Development”, we talked about the guiding principles that help us deliver innovative software solutions to our clients. Our lean methodology pushes the boundaries of product development by incorporating elements of various agile management frameworks. The result is a winning formula that allows projects to evolve as new information and opportunities arise. Part of this winning formula is a process called dual-track agile. Defining Dual-Track Agile At Spire, we fully embrace a dual-track agile approach to product development. We asked our VP Managing Director, Garrett Kroll,…

Is a Headless CMS Right for You?
Spire Digital
Spire Digital
Dec 9, 2020

This is a snippet from the article, Should you go headless?, first published by our parent company, Kin+Carta. Headless has come of age Customers are increasingly using mobile apps, chat, voice-controlled digital assistants, smart wearables, and various other IoT-enabled devices. To connect with them, a new type of CMS is needed which is built for omnichannel content management and delivery from the very beginning: headless. Our CTO Martin Paton and Growth Partner Joanna Hinchliffe sat down with Christie Cleveland, Senior Product Manager at Freeletics, and Gal Oppenheimer, Manager Solutions Architect at Contentstack to discuss ‘Why Go Headless. The Impact on Marketing Agility…

A Guide to QA & Software Testing Best Practices
Elizabeth Diloreto
Dec 3, 2020

Simply put, delivering high-quality software would be virtually impossible without Quality Assurance. However, not all QA services and standards are created equal. With the right practices, QA ensures the technology you built does what you intended it to, and has precisely the right impact on users. Our Lean Approach to QA and Software Testing Our QA team embraces the principles of Lean Software Development, which is our way of ensuring we’re rapidly delivering value to our clients. Throughout each project, the team also sticks to the concept of Kaizen, a Japanese business term for continuous improvement. These principles help unify…

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