Web Design Trends for 2019
Grace Hartman
Jan 17, 2019

Illustrations are getting weird. Color pairings are evolving. Content is conversational. Devices are talking back. Interfaces are accessible. Everything is minimal. Welcome to web design in 2019. Abstract compositions 2018 was all about those illustrations. You know which ones I’m talking about. The blue illustrated people placing lifesize buttons on blown up interfaces for tech companies. Say goodbye to our approachable diverse friends and say hello to organic, unrefined illustrations and patterns. Unique, minimal color pairings Perhaps my favorite trend for next year, web color patterns are evolving from the ever so present tech blue to exciting and unique combinations…

Spire Wire: The Toddler Phase of Business
Mike Gellman
Jan 15, 2019

About two years ago, after my son was born, I wrote a piece comparing having a baby to launching a startup. Now, the little stinker is well into toddlerhood and those magical days of watching life spring from nothing are a distant memory. These days, we’re dealing with tantrums, potty training, and the constant concern about whether or not we’re raising this child in such a way that he’ll become a viable human being. This is much like what follows the startup phase in business, when the glow of new funding, initial market interest, and the realization that this is actually happening is replaced by the very…

Guide to Enterprise Application Development
Spire Digital
Jan 7, 2019

Demand for enterprise web application development is surpassing the supply. Why? Every company is looking for ways to use technology to stay ahead. Here at Spire Digital, we call this digital transformation. More and more companies are going through digital transformation, providing their customers with better ways to do business with them. Recently, Gartner put out a report on this subject: “Old styles of application development simply can’t deliver the results a digital-age business needs. New, innovative and disruptive technologies come up all the time. Enterprise, application, and information architectures must be built in a way to quickly leverage new…

Magento 2: Create Model using “JOIN”ed SQL Query
Erik Leon
Dec 20, 2018

TL;DR: In the ResourceModel of your entity, override the “_getLoadSelect” function to add “join” statements to the query Magento uses when it loads instances of that model. Similarly, override the “_initSelect” function in the ResourceModel Collection class of your entity. Introduction In general, it’s not good to duplicate data across multiple tables in a database. Any time two or more columns across tables refer to the same real-life business information, it’s easier to introduce bugs that allow the data to become inconsistent. However, there are often problems that require building models, which refer to data in other models stored in…

Disruption: Birthplace of CMS, Cloud, Custom Software
Krysta Hunt
Nov 29, 2018

Once upon a time, an amazing new communication tool called the internet was created by geeks. When non-geeks saw it, they said, “This is ugly and I don’t understand how to use it.” So, some other geeks got together and said, “Let us create a set of standards that will allow us to make the internet pretty and usable.” And…HTML was born. That’s kinda sorta how it started. HTML enabled readable links and the addition of pictures. For the early nineties it was pretty cutting edge, but by today’s standards, yikes! In 1994, if someone had said, “You know a…

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