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  • Adtech & Martech

    Adtech & Martech

    For as much as advertising and marketing have changed over the last two decades, or last two years for that matter, the quest for ROI has remained constant. Since the early days of DoubleClick, a number of industry innovators have depended on Spire Digital to help them build adtech software, find product-market fit, and iterate on martech platforms to produce real results.

    Our digital product development experience spans the supply and demand sides of the business, and includes multi-channel campaign management platforms, social listening tools, and influencer platforms. If there’s a common thread, it’s our focus on incorporating transparent and actionable ROI reporting into whatever we build. It’s one thing to make an impression, but quite another to make a profitable sale.

    Whether you're looking for adtech consulting, or a martech agency, investing in Spire will drive down your CPA.


    Spire’s team was efficient, well-managed, and delivered impressive results. Spire’s software has helped us increase revenue by 30%.

    Joseph Salvador, CEO, Epiphany AI

  • Automotive


    Spire brings a wealth of aviation and aerospace experience into the automotive industry, working with the likes of Roush and VW. Through the years, we’ve designed and developed custom car configurators, as well as an array of digital tools and custom websites for auto dealers, and eCommerce experiences for vehicle rental companies. Our work in the automotive space even extends to … golf carts. But not your father’s golf cart. Through a partnership with Club Car, Verizon, Edison Interactive, and Greg Norman, we’re transforming the golf cart into a connected entertainment vehicle under the name Shark Experience. Beyond the golf course, we’re honored to be part of the smart vehicle revolution, focused on conserving natural resources, reducing urban congestion, and improving air quality. Down the road, we’ll be able to say more about that!


    They make it look easy. Working with them feels like a more human experience when compared to other vendors.

    Beanstalk, CTO, Antoine Valot

  • Aviation & Aerospace

    Aviation & Aerospace

    One thing that sets Spire apart is our comfort level with industries as complex as aviation and aerospace. Engine-out performance, weight & balance, and runway analysis are part of our everyday language.

    In addition to flight planning and flight operations software, we’ve also developed an expertise in elevating the passenger experience through a number of aviation websites and apps. We all know that the journey through the airport can be the worst part of travel, so the work we did with DIA -- recently voted the nation’s leading airport -- focused on alleviating pain points from parking to boarding. And the iOS app we developed for Gogo Business Aviation enables crews to quickly diagnose those pesky in-flight Wi-Fi issues.

    In this new age of digital aviation, some of the industry’s most forward-thinking players have chosen Spire as their trusted aviation software partner. We are honored to travel the journey together.


    Flawless and beautiful. We're very happy we fostered a strong business relationship with Spire Digital.

    Kristina McGinnis, Director of Creative Services, Denver International Airport

  • B2B Enterprise Tech

    B2B Enterprise Tech

    Roughly half of Spire’s business is with large companies determined to operate with the agility and collaborative spirit of successful startups. And the other half is with those startups on the path to becoming big businesses.

    We’ve applied our product strategy, UX design, and dev chops to help B2B enterprise organizations advance their customer experience, grow revenue, and drive operational efficiency. In doing so, we’ve become a go-to partner for digital transformation and enterprise technology architecture.

    Through the years we’ve carved out a niche in B2E (Business to Employee), creating workflow management platforms for professionals across a range of verticals. Whether working in call centers, offices, hospitals, aircraft hangars, or out in the field, millions of employees spend their workday in B2B software systems that Spire has designed and built.

    At the same time, we’ve helped a number of cloud-based SaaS plays find product-market fit in the realms of mobile technology, IoT, big data, cybersecurity, and enterprise social software.

    ‘Transforming business through design and technology’ is a mission we live every day.


    In building our products, Spire brought a level of thought leadership that was very necessary. They define innovation and bring new, unexpected ideas to the forefront. No other firm is quite like Spire Digital, and that is a very good thing.

    Paul Koenig, CEO, SRS Acquiom

  • Education


    We have a passion for applying our UX and software development expertise within the .edu domain. In fact, Spire is the go-to UX partner for Educause, the organization that actually manages the .edu domain. We’re proud to be a key player in supporting their mission to advance higher education through the use of information technology.

    At the same time, Spire’s work in the space extends well beyond higher ed. For example, we’ve been working with the Augustine Institute to build the definitive educational platform for the Catholic faith, with a student body of 1.3 billion people worldwide. We recently designed and developed their FORMED iOS App, which offers a wealth of lessons, delivered through audio talks, eBooks, feature films, documentaries, and video-based study programs from trusted providers.

    In addition to our expertise in education website design and app development, Spire’s work also extends to the workplace, creating career development applications across a range of high technology verticals. After all, what good is machine learning without employee learning?


    We've received very positive feedback from our customers who reported liking the easy navigation and the look and feel of the website. We loved Spire's creativity and their ability to bring that creativity to life.

    Evaluation KIT

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Managing money … it may sound simple, but in practice is all about managing complexity. Those who do so best, are the ones who win. With our track record in the space, Spire Digital has become a go-to financial services software partner for a number of industry innovators, from inception to exit.

    We’ve helped early-stage ventures achieve product-market fit in the crowd-funding space, building web and mobile giving platforms for the likes of Rally 4 and Community Funded.

    We’ve also helped established players in financial services enhance their customer experience. Whether accepting funds through First Data’s mobile payment processing app, sending money through Western Union, issuing credit checks through Experian, or even checking your VectraBank account balances, you’re depending on Spire-built software.

    We even built the industry’s first web application for M&A payment administration. Launched in 2014, SRS Acquiom’s Clearinghouse has already processed over 700 deals and managed $56 billion in transactions. Ka-ching.


    They were reliable, accomplishing every task on time and to a high degree of quality. I was very impressed by their consistency.

    Megan Michuda, Marketing Technology Director, Janus Henderson

  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    The food and beverage business has seen some revolutionary changes over the last two decades, and the team at Spire has been on the front lines, developing software, apps, and websites. In fact, our VP of Strategy helped bring the organic movement to the mainstream, working with the likes of Cascadian Farm, Celestial Seasonings, General Mills, and The Coca-Cola Company.

    We are very familiar with the digital ecosystems and apps that power these businesses and guide decision-making inside their leadership teams. Our expertise extends to retail and food service operations, working with the likes of Applejack Wine & Spirits, Einstein’s Bagels, Mrs. Fields, Smashburger, and Slimgenics. We also understand the needs of distributors, having consulted for companies such as Coors Distributing Company and Glazers. Spire even works with the agricultural associations and governing bodies that represent and regulate the business, including the USDA.

    Having worked at all levels of the value chain across distribution channels and product categories, we are particularly proud of the work we’re doing with FoodMaven, tackling the problem of lost food through an innovative online marketplace that connects distributors, manufacturers and producers to restaurants and institutional buyers.


    Thank you again for all the great work and support. I know this was an aggressive plan and there were a few bumps - your team rose to the occasion.

    Isabella Castrillo, Director of Product, FoodMaven

  • Healthcare & Biotech

    Healthcare & Biotech

    Spire works with healthcare and biotech innovators to bring digital simplicity to a complex space. For instance, we're enabling every athlete to realize their peak performance through personalized DNA-based insights. But even the best athletes have a bad day … let's say you're in a race, miss a turn, and find yourself face-down on a rocky outcropping. It happens. And you might be surprised to know that when it does, Spire plays a role in many facets of your recovery.

    That Life Flight helicopter that transported you to the hospital ... we built the iPad app used by its crew to pull up your electronic medical records. Your nurse in the operating room ... we helped her pass the CNOR exam, so you could get the level of care you need. And she found that shift on a job board we built for healthcare professionals. The cardiologist who replaced your heart valve (it was a bad crash) ... she received training on a healthcare software platform we built. And when she ordered some extra blood to have on hand during your operation, well, we had a hand in that too. During your recovery, you found the right massage therapist and pharmacist through healthcare website portals we designed. Your prescription was in-stock thanks to an inventory management system we built. And as you got back to training, you relied on the responsive web app we built for your sports watch, so you could track your journey back to peak fitness.

    You get the picture.


    Spire successfully alleviated our navigation concerns and optimized the website’s look and feel. The MGMA board thinks it’s natural and intuitive.

    Todd Evenson, COO, MGMA

  • Insurance


    What do Berkshire Hathaway, M Financial, Vertafore, Pinnacol, Cake, Pie, and Covered all have in common? All are focused on upending business as usual in the insurance industry, and each has enlisted Spire’s support to drive change.   

    Our work in the space includes C-level innovation labs leading to user-validated design prototypes, which then manifest as fully developed digital products supported by Spire-powered digital marketing campaigns. Through it all, we’ve developed a robust understanding of agent pain points, policy holders’ latent needs, and opportunities for disruption. Our clients know that success is contingent on more than algos and actuaries. We help them bring that same level of sophistication into advancing the agent and customer experience. After all, our insurance clients are in the business of providing peace of mind, and so are we.


    Spire helped us take a step in the right direction—toward innovation—and I’m very excited to see the product in action. Spire has done a fantastic job.

    VP of Marketing, Berkshire Hathaway

  • Media & Entertainment

    Media & Entertainment

    You’re probably sick of hearing about how the media and entertainment industry is “going digital.” You’ve heard about the layoffs by the printer of the NYT and you’ve seen the speed at which digital has taken hold of your job. Suddenly, the industry must build entirely new business models that put customer acquisition and paperless products at the forefront of their offerings. We’ve been there. We did that.

    Since 1998, Spire Digital has ushered the media and entertainment industry into the digital era. We built David Letterman’s ecommerce website before ecommerce (and David Letterman) were even a thing. We incubated Huffington Post’s crowdsourced editorial idea. For a short period of time, we even owned

    With this shift toward digital, comes opportunity. Somethings will never change, you’ll always say the word ‘deadline’ more often than you say your own name. But as the media and entertainment industry adapts to new surroundings and becomes a powerful digital behemoth, we’ll be there pioneering apps, websites, and paperless products alongside partners like Westword, National Cinemedia, and the History Channel.


    The design lab experience was incredibly enriching. I walked away with tons of great notes and ideas for how I’d like to improve my own team’s processes.

    Douglas Yoder, IT Manager, DISH Network

  • Natural Resources & Utilities

    Natural Resources & Utilities

    Spire has a rich history working with engineering-driven organizations, designing and building iOS, Android and web applications that help their users streamline mission critical tasks -- whether in the office or out in the field. Even if the field is an actual field. Or an underground mine for that matter.

    Our expertise in the space extends to how these organizations engage with their customers, to drive satisfaction, loyalty and self-service.

    We have acquired significant domain knowledge in a number of high-technology verticals, including water, metals, forestry, agriculture and energy -- from oil and gas to renewables. You might say the sky's the limit.


    I have heard nothing but positive feedback so far about the work Spire produced. As usual, Spire has demonstrated why they are the best web development firm in the region.

    Noel Willis, Electronic Communications Specialist, Denver Water

  • Nonprofit & Government

    Nonprofit & Government

    Spire is committed to the idea that business and technology have a fundamental role to play in solving the biggest problems of the 21st century. So in addition to being an active member of the Pledge 1% movement, we build custom nonprofit software for a range of organizations.

    As a pillar of the Denver business community for nearly 20 years, we are drawn to tackling the types of problems we observe on a daily basis. Take for instance the fact that over half of disabled Denverites are without a job, at a time of record low unemployment across the broader population. With support from the City and County of Denver, we’ve partnered with The Possibility Pool to attack the problem head on, creating a nonprofit website platform that pairs participants and employers based on an elegant set of matching algorithms.

    We're proud to work on numerous nonprofit website redesigns for the likes of Cancer Support Community and Educause. In addition, we are honored to work with innovators in crowd-funding and mobile giving to advance their platforms. After all, a healthy base of engaged donors is key to success for any organization with a social purpose. Doing well by doing good is what we’re all about.


    Spire has been so heart-felt about getting to know our mission and our clients, not just our project. As a Denver business owner for over 15 years, I can gladly give my highest recommendation for Spire. They are simply the best I have come across.

    Jonah Berger, Director, The Possibility Pool

  • Real Estate & Construction

    Real Estate & Construction

    The worlds of real estate and construction are very familiar territory for Spire, having designed and developed a range of iOS and Andriod applications for buying, selling, leasing, financing, managing, maintaining, building, insuring, and surveying property.

    Spire is the go-to product development partner for REColorado, the definitive Multiple Listing Service for the state, nationally recognized for its cutting-edge use of technology in the Inman 2016 Innovator Awards. But our digital product development experience in home sales and rentals doesn’t stop there, with a client list that includes Archstone, Coldwell Banker, Inspirato, Land Title, Oakwood Homes, PlanOmatic, Suited Connector, and Yes! Communities.

    When it comes to maintaining properties, Spire redesigned mechanical, electrical and plumbing applications for Trimble. Spire also designed the user experience and developed a new web portal for 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty, a leader in the space. In addition, Spire led the mobile UX effort for Motili’s disruptive field app for contractors, helping the company get major traction in the marketplace. They were just acquired by a leading HVAC manufacturer, Goodman, who also happens to be a Spire client.

    Our real estate portfolio is rounded out by innovative land surveying tools for the USDA, project management tools for GE Johnson Construction Company, and residential and commercial lending apps for Vectra Bank. This land is our land.


    We had a lot of disorganized content and they cleaned it up and made it look great. They met our goals and made it mobile friendly and functionally smooth. They used what we had and put a new fresh twist on it.

    John Freyer, President, Land Title

  • Retail & Ecommerce

    Retail & Ecommerce

    Spire got its start nearly 20 years ago by launching, one of the web’s original eCommerce sites. Still today, we remain on the cutting edge of eCommerce, building highly sophisticated systems for complex products on a global scale.

    For instance, we recently designed the user experience and developed the user interface for Documoto, an eCommerce platform that enables equipment manufacturers -- from Viking Range to Vestas Wind Systems -- to capture a larger share of aftermarket part sales. The system makes it easy for manufacturers to build and update cloud storefronts and illustrated parts catalogs on the fly, directly from engineering and ERP data.

    You might also like …

    • Through a long-term partnership with Arrow Electronics, we’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for in the world’s largest marketplace of electronic components and computer products.
    • In partnership with CP+B, we built a car configurator for VW, the world’s largest automaker.
    • We’ve helped over a million businesses across the globe navigate the complex world of commerce through our work with Pitney Bowes’ product innovation team.


    You believed in us from the very beginning. Here we are, 28 million bags later. Spire rocks!

    Peter Cobb, Founder, eBags

  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    While safety and security are basic human needs, we all know that protecting these unalienable rights requires vigilance.

    When it comes to national security, Spire works with the Army Corps of Engineers, BaseConnect, Lockheed Martin, Office of Naval Research, and United Launch Alliance. Through an exclusive partnership with AT&T, we’ve created emergency preparedness apps for various municipalities and states around the country. And through our work with Logos Imaging, we’ve even created software for bomb squads and the FBI. We also work with a host of cybersecurity innovators from ProtectWise to SecureSet. Additionally, Spire has designed and developed digital products, online communities, responsive web apps and ecommerce experiences for brands such as SWFA Outdoors, CDNN Sports, and South Dakota Game Wardens.

    So rest assured, we've got your back.


    They’re flexible and the quality of their work is high. Spire snapped into our process and started delivering immediately.

    Executive, IoT Company

  • Telecommunications


    When the iPhone first launched, one carrier had exclusive rights: AT&T. And when Apple announced that the iPhone would support third-party apps (a revolutionary concept at the time), AT&T turned to Spire Digital. A little-known fact, we were one of the first three dev shops invited into AT&T Mobility Solutions’ partner program. Through that partnership, we’ve created dozens of native and hybrid iOS (and Android) apps for AT&T and their customers.

    Over the years Spire has also been a key partner to each of the nation’s top providers of cable and internet. With cord cutting moving into the mainstream, Spire is once again being enlisted to disrupt business as usual.


    The design lab experience was incredibly enriching. I walked away with tons of great notes and ideas for how I’d like to improve my own team’s processes.

    Douglas Yoder, IT manager, DISH

  • Travel & Recreation

    Travel & Recreation

    As Colorado’s original web development firm, it’s our sacred duty to build digital experiences for those drawn to the mountain way of life: skiers, runners, cyclists, alpinists. But we don’t limit ourselves to high altitude endeavors. Our clients span international luxury travel, golf, soccer, swimming, triathlon, yoga, and even kickboxing.

    Our travel and recreation software work ventures far beyond websites and digital marketing campaigns. We’ve been the go-to firm for building interactive trail maps and digital experiences for leading ski resorts. We’ve pioneered training apps for running, cycling and soccer. And we’ve built a number of innovative digital amenities in the private vacation club and cruise ship businesses. We’ve even created interactive trip planners, online travel communities, booking engines, entertainment portals, and connected environments.

    To sum it up, we’ve broken new ground and covered a lot of terrain.


    Spire Digital took the challenge of understanding our brand and goals to heart. Their useful opinions guided us to the ideal strategy for our business. The extended use of these tools, even two years later, speaks volumes about their skill level.

    SVP, Inspirato

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