Colorado’s First-Ever Blockchain Architect

Spire Digital
Spire Digital
May 23, 2019

A Special Congrats to Colorado’s First-Ever Blockchain Architect and Former Spire CTO, Thad Batt.

Companies from startup to enterprise, including the state of Colorado, are beginning to leverage the benefits of the blockchain for almost every thinkable transaction. The breadth of industries using this technology spans from Higher Ed to Marketing including, online marketing/ad-buying platforms (MetaX), higher education enrollment and course registration (Odem), and HR – recruiting, payroll, credential and educational verification (bitwage, MIT). It’s clear that use cases for blockchain technology are not limited to the generation of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain provides proof of provenance and transparency for any supply chain.

We’d like to take the time to congratulate Thad Batt, who Governor Polis just named as Colorado’s first-ever Blockchain Architect. During his 20 years as Spire’s acting CTO, Thad helped our organization grow and transform into the well-recognized software development company it is today. Thad’s blockchain expertise helped Spire deliver many valuable assets to a variety of clients. Our relationship with him is one that we still value to this day.

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