Spire Turns 21

Spire Digital
Spire Digital
Oct 7, 2019

In a ‘techie’ world that is full of exceptional software developers and software development companies, every Spire birthday is cause for celebration. A recent Harvard Business School study revealed that less than 30% of U.S. companies live to be 10 years old. So, on August 21, 2019, we raised a glass to 21-years of Spire Digital with a rager fit for college students.

If you recall your own 21st birthday, (hopefully full of keg stands and good pub food) this Spire pow-wow looked very similar. For those that came out, we hope that the Voodoo donuts, jello shots, and live karaoke band brought back some epic memories for you. For those of you who couldn’t get a babysitter for the kids that evening, we’re sorry in advance for showing you a glimpse of the good times you had to miss:


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