Spire Turns 21

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Spire Digital
Oct 7, 2019

In a ‘techie’ world that is full of exceptional software developers and software development companies, every Spire birthday is cause for celebration. A recent Harvard Business School study revealed that less than 30% of U.S. companies live to be 10 years old. So, on August 21, 2019, we raised a glass to 21-years of Spire Digital with a rager fit for college students.

If you recall your own 21st birthday, hopefully, full of keg stands and good pub food, this Spire pow-wow looked very similar. For those that came out, we hope that the Voodoo donuts, jell-o shots, and live band karaoke band brought back some epic memories for you. For those of you who couldn’t get a babysitter for the kids that evening, we’re sorry in advance for showing you a glimpse of the good times you had to miss:


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