Spire Designers Take Home Adobe Gold

Spire Digital
Spire Digital
Feb 6, 2019

Adobe Creative Jams is an event series that combines inspiring talks by local creative professionals with a cutthroat design competition. In the state-wide design contest, participants were given 3 hours to “choose your own adventure,” a prompt that bore ultra-creative responses by hundreds of designers. Spire’s very own Grace Hartman and Becky Pierson, author of 3 Tips for Voice User Interface Design, brought home gold, earning the People’s Choice Award for their submission.

The pair created a prototype, viewable here, that questioned users, “want to travel the world and still grow professionally? Get Out There is a job platform specifically for the professional nomad.”

Check out more award-worthy work by Grace and Becky on our work page. Congratulations to these amazing UX Designers who make digital products useful and beautiful.