Spire Digital Becomes Kin + Carta | A Note from our Founder

mike gellman
Mike Gellman
Feb 2, 2021

The content of this blog post was originally included in our newsletter, The Spire Wire. Learn more about the rebrand here.

A Note from Spire Digital’s Founder, Mike Gellman:

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever utter these words, but… this is the last Spire Wire I’ll write. Since 1998, every person I ever met on a plane or in a bar or at temple or online, would be added to my company newsletter.

Some would be mad, some would be perplexed, some would report me for violations of the CAN-SPAM Act. But others liked it or at least tolerated it. By the time Spire Digital was acquired more than a year ago, I had over 15,000 clean email addresses on this list. By clean, I mean they’re willingly receiving my quarterly update on the state of digital transformation, and nearly half actually read it.

Yes, the Spire Wire brought in a lot of business (believe it or not, it was our single most effective lead gen tool), but it also kept me (and Spire) in touch with so many great people over so many years. Through this simple medium, I was able to watch families grow, careers blossom, and lives take hold. I truly cherish that.

Now, the Spire Wire will take on a new form. After 14 or so months together, an acquirer and acquiree pretty much know if their relationship will last. For some, like after a drunken Vegas wedding, they’ll realize they made a terrible mistake. For others, like Spire Digital and Kin + Carta, they’ll decide that things have gone so well that they want to make things even more official. And that’s what’s happening.

As of today, Spire Digital will fully integrate into Kin + Carta. In addition to combining all of the attributes that make both entities so special, we’ll share a name. 

While the Spire Wire moniker will be retired, you’ll still receive quarterly updates (maybe called Spin + Carta or Kin + Fodder) and we’ll still be the company that you know and love, but we’ll be called Kin + Carta.

I’d say this is bittersweet, but it’s really just sweet. Sure there are lots of memories, friends, and successes in Spire. However, Kin  + Carta has already made things so much better for our clients, employees, and me. I can’t wait to see what the next 22 years bring!

So, this is me signing off. It’s the end of an era, but most definitely not our relationships and the awesomeness that is what we’ve built.



Mike Gellman, Founder of Spire Digital

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