Spire Hosts Career Spark for DPS Students

Spire Digital
May 9, 2018

Spire was thrilled to host a group of Denver middle school students today via a “career exploration” program called Career Spark. The program provides mentoring and hands-on workplace experiences in local organizations across a variety of industries. Mike explained Spire’s hiring process as: as long as you are the best of the best, regardless of your skillset or academic background, we want you.

  • Themes of the day included: capitalizing on good ideas, realizing that not every idea is a good one, the importance of pivoting, and not only failing fast, but failing fast then adjusting what you do after the fail.
  • Mike, CEO, gave a history of Spire and how he started the business
  • Adam, President, explained that no matter your skillset, everyone brings value in some way or another; and that many people have a ton of bad ideas before they get to one ‘okay’ idea
  • Grace, Product Design Lead, lead a design exercise focused on creating an amusement park wireframe app
  • Justin, VP of Technology, gave an overview of coding and how there are good, better and best ways to write code; 2 pieces of advice were to focus on math and higher learning, and learn how to manage frustration
  • Caroline, Senior Product Strategist, talked about the importance of “pivoting” for an organization, new business idea, or product and gave fun examples of companies that underwent a massive pivot like Instagram, Groupon and Fab.com.




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