The Wall Street Journal Meets the Wednesday Night Vacation

David Maren
Dave Maren
Sep 25, 2019
We all work hard and look forward to taking our loved ones on vacation. As special times together in magical places invariably come to a close, we return to mountains of email and weeks of playing catch-up.As an alternative, I figured why not take more regular mini-vacations in our own backyard, without sacrificing the sense of luxury and adventure we seek on longer trips. So my family set a goal of backyard glamping at least one night a week, every week of the year. Sometimes on a weekend, sometimes on a Wednesday.When a Wall Street Journal reporter, Amy Gamerman, caught wind of our escapades by way of a video my son took — in which I’m zip lining to our yurt in a bathrobe to enjoy my morning coffee — she decided to run with it.You can find the story in the July 12, 2019 print edition, or, if you’re a WSJ digital subscriber, you can read it here (and enjoy some bathrobe zip-lining footage). If you don’t have a WSJ subscription, you can access the story here, on WSJ’s real estate-focused sister site, Mansion Global.
The reporter, Amy Gamerman, notes that the yurt doubles as a home office. What she didn’t mention is that we (Spire Digital) have started also using it for ideation sessions with clients. Getting out of the office and into the yurt invites creativity and opportunities to break free from business as usual.
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