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Spire Digital
Spire Digital
May 6, 2018

STAFF AUGMENTATION / IT STAFFING Over the last 20 years, Spire has employed, contracted, and partnered with some of the best and brightest tech talent in the country. Our roster of practitioners is deep and covers a broad spectrum of skills and expertise. Adding to that, Spire is regularly recognized as one of Colorado’s Best Places to Work, enabling us to attract the cream of the crop. As a result, Spire has an unparalleled ability to source and place valuable individuals and teams to quickly meet the demands of our clients with the support of our proven infrastructure. Our designers…

Devops, QA, Automation
Spire Digital
Spire Digital
May 3, 2018

DEVOPS, QA, AUTOMATION Spire’s system administrators, Docker engineers, and QA testers help our clients spin up, migrate, configure, and manage cloud instances, develop the processes, tools, and environments for large scale development and continuous deployment, as well as consult and implement automated testing and QA best practices, ensuring “done” means “done.” How does a project get off the ground and what happens when it’s out in the world? Spire provides infrastructure services for the life of the engagement, consulting with clients to understand their long-term scalability needs, and advising on server configuration, management, hosting and deployment. Spire also ensures optimal…

Spire Digital
Spire Digital
May 2, 2018

BLOCKCHAIN Companies from startup to enterprise are beginning to leverage the benefits of the blockchain for almost every thinkable transaction. The breadth of industries using this technology spans from Higher Ed to Marketing including, online marketing/ad-buying platforms (MetaX), higher education enrollment and course registration (Odem), and HR – recruiting, payroll, credential and educational verification (bitwage, MIT). Indeed, use cases for blockchain technology are not limited to the generation of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain provides proof of provenance and transparency for any supply chain. Our expert team of developers can handle any Blockchain implementation when it makes sense for the project. Prior to…

Spire Digital
Spire Digital
May 1, 2018

BOTS Conversations are what make the world go around. And today, bots are what make conversations go around. At Spire, we’re helping companies build and intelligently automate conversational interfaces that enhance the customer experience while driving self-service. For instance, Chatbots on websites allow customers to find what they’re looking for through conversation, augmenting traditional Search, Browse, FAQ, Recommendation, and Contact Us functionality. But that’s just the beginning. Text Bots provide the opportunity for customers to initiate SMS-based conversations with companies. It makes perfect sense. We text with friends and family all the time, and companies send us texts quite often.…

Spire Digital
Spire Digital
May 1, 2018

AR/VR Leveraging deep experience in architecture and the design of physical spaces, Spire’s digital product design and development teams appreciate the nuances of working in three dimensions. Or four, if we’re including time, which of course makes sense in the dynamic world of AR and VR. Presenting an immersive and interactive augmented or virtual reality experience requires capabilities that go well beyond regular motion graphics and VFX. The technical challenges are significant. AR and VR experiences are CPU and GPU hogs, so the richest experience isn’t always the right experience — knowing your audience and their hardware is key. At…

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