Focusing on roles, responsibilities, throughput, quality, and “flow,” Spire’s team of Agile experts coach product delivery and executive teams on the SpireLean methodology, unlocking their ability to ship fast and often. Since the early days, Spire has pushed the boundaries of agile development, incorporating principles from KanBan, Scrum and Extreme Programming.

Building high-quality, modular components and releasing them in an automated flow is central to the way we work. Our SpireLean software development practice demands constant gathering, framing and implementing small features in a ‘One Piece Flow.’ Features take the form of stories and tasks (Product Backlog) which express the value of the feature to the end customer while cataloging global assumptions, data elements and acceptance criteria. QA begins as each feature is defined in the Backlog. Over the course of development Spire Digital performs continuous integration in our client’s production environment.

Our methodology allows projects to react and evolve as new information and opportunities arise. Our process enables us to predict and embrace change while minimizing impact on the delivery team and capital efficiency. Regular, tight feedback loops over the course of product development enable features to evolve into valuable, memorable experiences for users. This methodology is at the forefront of delivering high-quality software with speed and flexibility while reducing most of the waste seen everywhere else in software development.

While we offer Agile process consulting, the best practice is to learn by doing, working shoulder to shoulder with the team at Spire. Through our robust staffing practice, we augment a number of clients’ existing Agile development teams to increase their quality and throughput.

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