Companies from startup to enterprise are beginning to leverage the benefits of the blockchain for almost every thinkable transaction. The breadth of industries using this technology spans from Higher Ed to Marketing including, online marketing/ad-buying platforms (MetaX), higher education enrollment and course registration (Odem), and HR – recruiting, payroll, credential and educational verification (bitwage, MIT). Indeed, use cases for blockchain technology are not limited to the generation of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain provides proof of provenance and transparency for any supply chain.

Our expert team of developers can handle any Blockchain implementation when it makes sense for the project. Prior to recommending a Blockchain solution we ask:

  • Can the business concept benefit from decentralized trusted and transparent proof?
  • Are there transactional components that need proof-of-work cryptographic authority?
  • Do the business transactions rely on mutually agreed upon outcomes or events that can be triggered through smart contracts?

From concepts, ideation, and design to full stack development to dApp programming, Spire Digital provides our clients and partners with a trusted technical voice outside the echo chamber hype of ICOs and #crypotwitter. Is your concept ripe to be a part of the tokenized economy?

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