Conversations are what make the world go around. And today, bots are what make conversations go around. At Spire, we’re helping companies build and intelligently automate conversational interfaces that enhance the customer experience while driving self-service.

For instance, Chatbots on websites allow customers to find what they’re looking for through conversation, augmenting traditional Search, Browse, FAQ, Recommendation, and Contact Us functionality. But that’s just the beginning.

Text Bots provide the opportunity for customers to initiate SMS-based conversations with companies. It makes perfect sense. We text with friends and family all the time, and companies send us texts quite often. Progressively minded companies are now enabling their customers and prospects to start those conversations over SMS; e.g. to check on the status of an order, or make a payment. But rapid response times and cost containment make bots a necessity, to design, predict, automate, and tune those conversations.

As we all know, the use of bots goes well beyond websites and SMS messaging. With the rise of invisible UIs, companies are now deploying voice-based virtual customer assistants and taking their IVR phone systems to the next level. In addition, Facebook Messenger, Slack, ​Skype, and Cisco WebEx are all fertile ground for bots. The truth is, bots and AI are more channel-capable than many businesses are ready for. But we’re here to help.

Through our strategic partnership with OneReach, building and optimizing intelligently automated conversations across communication channels has never been easier. Companies find that as conversations with customers become automated and therefore less expensive, they start encouraging more of them, leading to a better experience. So let’s chat!

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