From enterprise application development to custom software development to CMS-powered websites, Spire’s developers pride themselves on writing elegant, modular, well-documented, responsive code with speed and expertise in a diverse array of stacks, platforms, and frameworks.

Spire Digital has a 20-year history at the forefront of development. Anything we design, we can build. And anything we build, we can measure and improve. Today, we have thriving development practices in HTML, CSS, Javascript (Node, Vue, Backbone, React, Angular, EXT), PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, .NET, Android, iOS (Swift, Xamarin, Xcode, and Objective C), and Cross Platform/Hybrid Frameworks (React Native, Cordova, Ionic). That said, we also support legacy systems and less common technologies. In fact, we work in Fortran for a major aerospace client, and with Universal Windows Platform for a bomb detection client.

Spire’s development teams consult with client development teams and shares expertise on best practices, coding standards and workflow methodology. Through code reviews, ticketing processes, standards definition, and data architecture, the ultimate goal is to improve overall process, throughput, quality, and extensibility.

Our solutions are scalable, modular, and extensible to support both the near and long-term business objectives. We follow a Lean software development practice (KanBan), which demands constant gathering, framing and implementing small features in a ‘One Piece Flow.’ Features take the form of stories and tasks (Product Backlog), which express the value of the feature to the end customer while cataloging global assumptions, data elements and acceptance criteria. QA begins as each feature is defined in the Backlog. Over the course of development Spire Digital performs continuous integration in our client’s production environment.

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