Spire’s consultants instill the practices, tactics, and culture of design thinking that enable organizations to create valuable, lasting solutions for their customers.

Design thinking has been called, “The scientific method for everything else.” It’s an approach for creative problem solving that, like the scientific method, incorporates observation and inquiry, the development of hypotheses, designing and running tests, and iterating based on the results.

However, while science tends to move slowly, design thinking is a rapid pursuit. Particularly at Spire. In a matter of weeks, we work with clients to travel the design thinking path, arriving at testable prototypes born from research-driven hypotheses.

Thinking like a designer doesn’t just solve design problems. In fact, when it comes to addressing the world’s most pressing problems, design thinking has moved squarely into the spotlight.

Our work with Lockheed Martin Energy provides a good view into how we incorporate design thinking into our work at Spire, to address global problems. Utilities depend on Lockheed Martin’s Demand Response Management System, SEEload, to reduce energy demands on the grid, enable smart cities, boost reliability, and optimize utilization. Lockheed Martin, in turn, depended on Spire Digital to optimize the usability of the SEEload system. The design thinking approach we undertook is outlined in our Lockheed Martin Energy Case Study.

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