Spire’s system administrators, Docker engineers, and QA testers help our clients spin up, migrate, configure, and manage cloud instances, develop the processes, tools, and environments for large scale development and continuous deployment, as well as consult and implement automated testing and QA best practices, ensuring “done” means “done.”

How does a project get off the ground and what happens when it’s out in the world? Spire provides infrastructure services for the life of the engagement, consulting with clients to understand their long-term scalability needs, and advising on server configuration, management, hosting and deployment. Spire also ensures optimal performance and security via patches, updates, testing and load balancing.

Spire follows the lean mantra of building in quality at every step. A series of checks and balances helps ensure that quality is the driving factor in everything they do—no matter the size of the project. Through continuous integration and deployment, Spire develops and releases each feature as it is completed, but not before the feature passes a rigorous process of unit testing, regression, and security.

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance toolset includes Telerik Test Studio, Selenium, PowerShell scripts, JMeter, VirtualBox via Remote Desktop, MWare Workstation, Android Studio, XCode simulator, SortSite/PowerMapper, and OWASP ZAP.

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