Spire’s Innovation Lab utilizes customer research, facilitated experimentation, and rapid prototyping to discover, define, and model new product and service opportunities for established companies looking to disrupt the disruptors.

We partner with senior leadership to identify and vet promising new revenue streams in the digital product realm, embracing data science and emerging technologies, including AI, IoT, AR/VR, Bots, and Blockchain.

Our ‘design thinking’ approach to innovation is akin to the scientific method, but far faster. We generate hypotheses based on observation and inquiry, and evaluate their potential through rapid prototyping and guerilla research.

User Interviews, observations, and surveys kickoff an intensive, 2-week sprint. We search for the tension between a problem and an opportunity, developing hypotheses, testing solutions, and gauging the addressable market. Ultimately, our team produces an analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. The recommendation you’ll receive is robust but simply stated:

  • “Pivot or Persevere”
  • “Right Problem/Wrong Customer”
  • “Wrong Problem/Right Customer.”

If your business has been around for 20 years or if the pieces of a new idea are still settling, Innovation Lab dispenses valuable insights, setting the pace for companies like DISH and Lockheed Martin.

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