Build. Measure. Learn. Spire’s methodology for assessing risk, shipping fast, and rapidly iterating has changed the game for entrepreneurs, ‘intrapreneurs’, early stage ventures, and Fortune 500 product teams alike.

Is something impeding the success of a business? Are there inefficiencies within product teams or in the way features are built? Are there organizational deficiencies that block the ability to ship product? Spire takes clunky business processes and burdensome silos and overhauls them, so that products and customers can thrive, and companies can grow and make more money.

Spire’s preferred flavor of lean product development allows for even faster feedback loops, faster prototyping, and truncated yet efficient research phases. Spire guides clients through the entire product life cycle: from discovery and inception through to deployment and iteration. We serve as trusted partner, not a ‘one and done’ vendor.

Companies with “underperforming” development teams, a void in tech leadership, or a need for process improvement benefit from a third-party assessment. Spire serves as consultant and referee for bootstrapping startups in need of a wise, efficient and affordable approach to product development. We’ll evaluate organizational structure, architecture, systems, and workflow. Always with an ear to the ground, Spire consults with product teams, analyzes results, makes recommendations and ultimately empowers businesses to assemble the right kind of development teams to meet their goals and budgets.

Clients typically enlist our help with the following:

  • Define and Action Product Features and Requirements Standards
  • Define and Implement Lean Delivery Methodologies, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Recommend Future State Architecture, Systems, Methodology and Workflow
  • Coach Product Leads, Development Leads and UX/Design Leads
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