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Digital Marketing


Our B2B, and eCommerce marketing experts use email marketing and marketing automation best practice to drive customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Modern marketing automation practices enable people to more efficiently marshal their time by automating the lead nurture process until leads are ready to speak with a member of a sales department. Our B2B and eCommerce marketing experts blend best practice content strategy with email marketing, drip, and re-engagement campaigns to meet SQL and MQL quotas or sales projections.

Spire has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies, startups, and eCommerce brands efficiently manage their time with email marketing and marketing automation practices. With drip email campaigns, we can create personalized engagement campaigns that maximize conversion rate and minimize human effort. After a drip campaign, we often run a re-engagement campaign to revive inactive leads and turn them into hot prospects.

No matter if your B2B enterprise has years of automation experience or is fresh to the email marketing scene, our digital marketing experts will bring value and efficiency to your campaigns.

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