Whether developing for native iOS, Android, or cross-platform solutions, the mobile development teams at Spire help enterprise organizations and startups create and implement a mobile strategy and execution plan that meets business needs and gets products to market quickly.

Our experience in native mobile app development predates the iPhone (we built a native Blackberry app for Western Union). Once the iPhone launched, one carrier had exclusive rights: AT&T. And when Apple announced that the iPhone would support third-party apps (a revolutionary concept at the time), AT&T turned to Spire Digital. A little-known fact, we were one of the first three dev shops invited into AT&T Mobility Solutions’ partner program. Through that partnership, we’ve created dozens of native iOS (and Android) apps for AT&T and their customers.

In 2015 we bet on React Native, and in the time since have established a thriving practice around the framework. All the while, we’ve continued to grow our native development practices with Android and iOS (Swift, Xcode, and Objective C).

Our native B2C app portfolio runs the gamut, touching everything from luxury travel, outdoor recreation, and hospitality, to gaming, satellite television, and social networking. Our case studies on FORMED (the Netflix for Catholics) and DISH Network provide a deeper view.

Our native B2B work focuses on mission-critical workflows. To date, our builds have supported the needs of flight crews, first responders, attorneys, financial advisors, bomb techs, game wardens, building inspectors, retail employees, and employees everywhere. For more, check out our case studies for Aircraft Performance Group, GoGo Business Aviation, Intermountain Life Flight, Logos Imaging, South Dakota Game Wardens, and MobileDay.

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