Born from both a deep understanding of the user and a penchant for relentless testing, Spire’s user experience team combines intuition with data and best practices to create usable, useful, and, dare we say, delightful experiences. Those are the core tenets of User Experience, and they are the keys to creating successful outcomes — both for the user and the business.

Design is not just how something looks, but also how it works. As one of the country’s leading digital product development firms, we’re motivated by designing better ways of accomplishing mission critical tasks, whether you’re a flight attendant diagnosing WiFi connectivity issues at 35,000 feet, or a bomb tech inspecting a potential threat.

Our work begins by developing an empathetic understanding of your existing and prospective customers or other users — a necessary step for creating experiences tailored to them. We are guided by the maxim, “Don’t just interview subject matter experts, become one.” Lean personas and journey maps are the guiding star throughout the design process. We can tie every design decision back to the research.

Feature sets are often defined through the research and strategy phases of our engagements. As we move into design, our work focuses on structuring the information architecture, and key screen flows for each user type. Developing a visual and interaction design system that aligns with the brand is often a key next step, leading into the creation of prototypes for user testing. Prototypes are iterated and expanded over numerous design and testing cycles. As we work toward approved final designs for launch, we craft responsive mobile views, to enable a great experience regardless of device type.

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