From healthcare logistics to finance, from the defense industry to energy, Spire’s interaction designers solve design’s most complex problems, bringing effective user interfaces to B2C, B2B, and B2E markets.

Each piece of the design puzzle should push users toward the desired outcome, suggesting next steps, and making them easy to take. The UI design of a product is tasked with manifesting a UX design into actionable steps. Seamless, intuitive design goes unnoticed by the user; that’s the idea. But intuitive design means everything to the success of a product.

We design (and re-design) applications using responsive grid frameworks. In doing so, we’re not just designing desktop views, but also creating designs that scale to tablet and mobile views as appropriate. We define breakpoints, and then define and design optimal patterns, controls, elements, relative type sizes, click/touch target sizes for each breakpoint e.g. tables for 1024+ and cards under 1024+, form panels or dynamic forms for mobile, full page forms for desktop, and so on.

We not only design effective UIs, we build them too. The majority of our UX engagements include delivery of the user interface in a JS framework. We work extensively with Angular, React, and Bootstrap, as well as Ember, Vue, and Backbone. We can assist with the selection of framework or work with an existing stack alongside your team.

Our deliverables quite often include an interactive style guide and UI kit: an HTML/CSS library of the custom classes, patterns, controls, interactions, responsive layouts and grids, and interaction behaviors/JS transitions for use in future implementation. Essentially a mini-application, UI kits are interactive and have advantages over static style guides in terms of conveying a deeper understanding of interaction states, while allowing for ‘plug and play’ development of classes with minimal need for additional custom code, ensuring that designs are implemented correctly and consistently, and simplifying development.

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