Gone are the days when a one-time “Website Redesign” could be a salve to alleviate business and customer pain. Today, leading companies recognize the importance of ongoing measurement and optimization. To generate a step change, a site must become a laboratory. One where we draw on observation and inquiry to generate hypotheses, design tests, run experiments, and iterate.

At the onset of a web design project, our goals focus on ensuring a shared understanding of the brand, vision for the new site, and desired business outcomes. We gain alignment with key internal stakeholders around project direction and tech stack, take inventory of existing assets, and build a roadmap for feature implementation. We conduct interviews with stakeholders and customers with qualitative findings being supported by quantitative research in the form of a top task survey, to inspire ideas and hypotheses for a new site.

Along the way, where applicable, we develop an empirical understanding of where and how the existing site falls short with users. In addition to interviews and surveys, and SEO audits, we obtain data through mouse movement tracking (i.e. Mouseflow or Hotjar), and Google’s suite of data analytics tools.

While digital agencies excel at developing omni-channel campaigns that engage an audience and drive traffic to a website, they don’t typically excel at building great websites or digital tools with a focus on the user or driving profitable conversions. That’s where we come in.

As a leading digital product development firm, we focus on creating inspiring experiences that provide clarity of information, ease of use, relevance, and streamlined functionality. At Spire, every web design is responsive, and optimized for conversion. We don’t create arbitrarily decorative websites, rather we design reliable tools that produce real ROI.

When it comes to content development, we work with enterprise organizations to define their SEO strategy and define workflow processes for content production, migration, editing, review, and publishing efforts. Additionally, our content governance work even incorporate processes for reviewing, approving, and responding to comments from readers. We believe that a well-defined and implemented plan ensures that content is optimized for SEO, authoritative, consistent in voice, up to date, topically on target, accurately tagged and catalogued, and distributed across communication channels in a consistent and coordinated manner.

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