A/B Testing: Optimizing UX

Nick Farmen
Apr 4, 2019

A/B testing works to optimize UX, and you shouldn’t be scared of trying.

Whether you were aware of it or not, you have been successfully A/B testing your whole life. And you are probably not half-bad!

If you have ever asked a group of friends to help you move, you have A/B tested.

If you have ever asked one parent if you could borrow the car keys, and then asked the other parent to let you borrow the car keys, in a different tone of voice, then you have definitely A/B tested.

And depending upon the results of your efforts to get your parents to let you drive their car, or to get your friends to help you move, you have had to adjust your rhetoric.

In UX, visual rhetoric must be tested continuously to weed out any weaknesses. What makes a user love a website today, may be the reason that they do not like it tomorrow…


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