CCPA Lawsuits Are Coming. Are You Ready?

Mikaela Mitchell
Jul 25, 2019

Click here for the full CCPA Infographic

CCPA Lawsuits are Coming

We have all seen the Visit California commercials, we have all heard the stereotypes, and we have all heard politicians like Ted Cruz talking about how the liberals want to make the rest of the country like California

Well they might have actually succeed this time. In January 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act or CCPA will go into effect. What is CCPA? 

Funny you should ask. 

CCPA is a landmark digital consumer protection act, modeled after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) passed by the EU. The goal of the bill is to give web users control of their data, transparency into how it’s used, and insight on who is using it. The bill also gives regulators the ability to impose penalties for non-compliance. 

Your business isn’t based in California, so why should you care? 

That’s the catch. 

It doesn’t just apply to companies based in California. It applies to all people located in California, whether they are permanent residents or not. 

So if any of your customer base lives in or travels to California, you better get ready.

The Value of Adhering to New Data Policy

Now that I have your attention, you probably want to know more about the consequences of non-compliance. Let’s look at GDPR 1 year after implementation. 

I know you are thinking, of course, the big players are being fined. They aren’t the only ones. A hospital chain you never heard of in Portugal was fined $500,000. 

We don’t want this to happen to you, so we want to present you with two options. 

You can comply or you can block all IPs from California. 

Your choice. If you want to comply, we can help.

P.S. New York and Washington are passing their own versions of this bill. You will have more to worry about soon.

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