Spire Digital
Spire Digital
Mar 27, 2014

“Change, s***. I guess change is good for any of us.”

Those words, from the immortal Tupac Shakur, pretty much sum up what I feel is one of the most important tenets in business.

Change is the force that makes mediocre ideas great. Change is the force that empowers untapped minds to come up with revolutionary innovations. Change is the force that allows stagnating companies to become household names.

When faced with change, some run for the hills. Others stand tall and anxiously await what lies in store. It’s the latter group that makes history. Case in point…

Twitter began as Odeo, a network where people could find and subscribe to podcasts. The founders feared their demise when iTunes began taking over the podcast niche. Eventually, they embraced change and became the micro-blogging behemoth they are today.

Instagram was originally Burbn, a check-in app, like FourSquare, that included gaming and photo functionality. Burbn wasn’t gaining traction in the face of growing competition. So, they decided to strip all features but one – photos. We all know the rest of the story.

Pinterest launched as Tote, which allowed people to browse and shop their favorite retailers, and sent them updates when their favorite items were available and on sale. The creators discovered that the users of Tote were increasingly more interested in building “collections” of their favorite items, and sharing these collections with friends. And…soon Tote became the Pinterest that brides and moms love so deeply.

Wrigley once sold soap, Nokia manufactured rubber galoshes, and IBM actually made business machines.

At Spire, we’re in the business of change. Whether an emerging startup or an established enterprise, our clients are afforded the benefit of a product development methodology that not only manages change, but also utilizes change as an agent for the betterment of their products.

We preach fluidity and flexibility; testing and pivoting; adaptation and refinement. Businesses need to move with speed and agility into the direction of opportunity, until that opportunity is seized or proves unfruitful. They need the ability to fail fast and cheap, lowering risk while allowing them to quickly mobilize for the next opportunity.

They need to relish heading steadfastly into the unknown, but remain disciplined enough to make decisions based on truth and data rather than fear or gut. They need to design and build only what’s needed today knowing tomorrow it may grow or be thrown away completely.

In other words, they need to embrace change wholeheartedly. And Spire’s clients have seen huge success doing just that. Yes, change is good for any of us.

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