How to Increase Sales During COVID-19: Expert Tips for Engagement

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Zach Ettelman
Mar 30, 2020

Many organizations are facing staggering sales figures during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, scrambling to implement new brand growth strategies. Zach Ettelman, Director of Digital Innovation at Spire Digital, created the following video to help organizations better engage leads and close business.

Expert Tips for Engagement Transcript

Hi world, I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy practicing some of that six-foot social distancing. I sure have been, I’ve been trying to stay inside during this quarantine. But just like everybody else out there, I’ve been getting bombarded by Coronavirus “COVID-19 crisis” response emails. I’m kind of going crazy at this point.

Across the remote Spire home offices, we’ve been receiving questions from all of our clients and partners about these emails so we thought it would be great to put together a little video about how we recommend engaging with prospective clients and customers during this difficult time.

First off, please do not feel like you need to send a Coronavirus “COVID-19” email unless you are offering something new or have crucial information to share like adjusted hours, new operating procedures, or anything that’s gonna change day to day operations and how you actually interact with your clients or customers. Our advice is to just to stay quiet. Most companies are running all these fire drills. They’re getting their employees setup remote, they’re searching for new revenue streams and they likely are not monitoring their inboxes right now. We do not want your email to get lost so if you don’t have anything important or valuable to say just lay low for the moment on email.

If you do decide you must send an email, we suggest you differentiate your content. Take a position or take a stance. One of our clients is doing this by sending some thought leadership content that is relevant to the outbreak and their expertise. They are in the medical field and they’ve got a tech platform that helps doctors determine what doctors should be doing for their patients using analytics. In every one of these communications that they’re sending out, they are taking an opinion.

The biggest risk right now is that you become a horse race reporter, telling your audience about COVID-19 instead of taking a stance about how to deal with this and how this outbreak changes the way we should be doing business (instead of adding to the thousands of jumped emails with companies selling everything from new software to surgical masks and whatever it may be). My advice: just focus on strengthening your client relationships if you are communicating via email. Ensure that your message is adding value by answering a question or lessening any concern they have. The goal here, like any communication during this time, is that your customers and clients feel trusted and know that you are there to help them with anything that they may need help with.

And another really important thing going on right now, with all of our clients, is how do we send that email. Let’s just slow down and take the time to understand where our tool stack is at. We just spoke to a client, who, in an evaluation of their marketing tech stack, discovered they were actually paying for two CRMs, two marketing automation platforms.

Right now is a good time to save money. Many of our clients are using Marketo, Pardot, and other enterprise-level marketing automation platforms. Some of our clients are also getting by with some smaller, less expensive versions of products, like MailChimp. If you can downsize or eliminate redundancy, now is the time to do so. We always believe in working smarter not harder. That also applies to, “Let’s not pay for things we don’t need right now. Let’s make sure the communications we are doing are meaningful and we can do them with some pretty basic tools. We don’t need the most advanced things out there.”

Just as a reminder, here at Spire, we’re here to help develop a communication strategy or build a COVID-19 response campaign plan if you need it. We would love to help you, we’re working in a bunch of different B2B and B2C industries.

We have a bird’s-eye view of what is actually working from a campaign perspective and how our clients are engaging with their customers. We would love to support you and help you communicate with your people better so please feel free to give me an email. My email is Or, you can contact us on our website.

Thank you all, stay safe!

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