Mobile App Development: Google’s Flutter the Next Big UI Framework?

Nick Farmen
Jun 20, 2019

As of 2018, Google’s brand was valued at over $120 billion. This means that when Google does something, anything, a lot of people pay close attention.

In 2017, Google caught the attention of the world after disrupting the mobile app development industry and introducing a new UI framework called Flutter. The framework allows for the portable development of native apps from a single codebase and has already been used to develop a number of apps.

The most exciting part about Flutter may not the framework itself. Popular frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Milligram are not lacking in interface and capability. Flutter’s hype most likely comes from one single fact: it’s managed by Google.

Google, Dart, and Mobile Application Development

Google has a strong background in mobile-app development. They have created a number of successful mobile apps like Google Maps, and Google Wallet. But why would they decide to create Flutter?

Google’s creation of a UI framework should actually come as no surprise to anyone since Google’s Dart language first appeared seven years ago. Dart is the language used in Flutter development, and also the language used in Google Ads and Google Greentea.


Flutter Vs Bootstrap, Foundation, and Other UI Frameworks

Now that you’re more educated about Flutter, it’s time to help you decide whether it is worth trying. What better company to help you than a 20+ year-old software development firm?

To compare these various frameworks we’ll compare client lists of notable applications to be built on these frameworks, to date. Obviously, Flutter is at a disadvantage because it has not been around very long. But Flutter has already been used to build a number of notable apps by companies other than Google.


  1. Instacart
    1. Grocery delivery app
  2. Vogue
    1. Fashion content/news app


  1. Facebook
    1. Social media platform
  2. Ebay
    1. eCommerce app
  3. Netflix
    1. Video streaming platform


  1. Alibaba
    1. eCommerce app
  2. Tencent (QQ, WeChat, Qzone, and more)
    1. A variety of apps

The Verdict on Flutter

In such a short period of time Flutter has accrued a lot of press for a reason. For one, Google uses Dart and Flutter to create their own mobile applications. It’s important to note that mobile app development takes time. There could be more Flutter apps in the works and we just don’t know about them yet.

Regardless, one should note the very strong client list of Foundation. Foundation has a great list of clients of organizations not included in the above client list, like National Geographic, Pixar, and Yahoo.

Google’s Future as a Mobile App Developer

It’s clear that Google wants to be relied upon by everyone from Marketers to Developers with the introduction of tools like Google Ads, Google Optimize, and now, Flutter. But what’s next for Google? Will all of their software remain free? For now, all we can do is speculate as to what they will develop next and react to the times. Are acquisitions a possibility? Will they team up with rival Amazon?

For more information on today’s development trends, check out our article about AI.

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