Gung Ho Predictions About the Future of AI: UX, Psychology, and Advertising

Nick Farmen
Aug 22, 2019

Current State of AI and AdTech

Let’s face it- AI probably already knows you better than most of your friends.

As you surf the web for news and insight, AI is learning what you like to read, how long you like to read for, and it probably even knows if you’re one of those people who reads articles with your mouse cursor.

And with that information that AI learns, companies are turning a profit. AI software like Google Ads and Facebook Ads select advertisements to show you based upon your habits.

And I believe these AI are only going to become more advanced.

AI to Incorporate Psychological Research

If AI can get to know you pretty well based upon your website usage, imagine what it could do if it read a psychology study or two before learning about you.

For those who need a refresher, psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. If an AI were to be well-versed in historical and modern psychological studies, it could come to know human minds and behavior better than humans.

Currently, AI software learns about you from studying each move you make. But the problem with that is you already know each move you just made- AI is serving you ads that basically remind you of your browsing history.

In the future, I believe AI will serve you up advertisements before you’ve even acted. It will learn how often you buy shoes, then start giving you shoe advertisements every 3–4 months. It will learn the colors you prefer in each season, and make shoe suggestions that are seasonal.

AI to Automate the Personalization of UX / AdTech

Through the close study of consumer psychology, future AI will create ads and websites that are personalized for each user. This means UX redesigns and A/B testing practices will look different in the future.

For websites, AI software will inform their UX projects with psychological research and close analysis of countless of UX case studies. Then, AI would test that research and analyze it.

For advertisements, AI will test out ads on users based upon research and case studies. Next, AI will show you ads that are placed where you’re most likely to click, in a font/color you’re more likely to click, etc. etc. etc.

The first futuristic AI software brand for websites will claim that they have found the ‘optimal UX layouts’ for users. The AI brands to follow will attempt to create personalized UX / UI for each user.

The same goes for the first futuristic AI adtech companies- their AI-generated advertisements will be irresistible!

How Will AI Impact UX Designers / Digital Marketing

If you haven’t noticed, the advertisement world has become way more technical as time goes on. In 2018, Adobe said that 73% of businesses were investing in design to differentiate their brands online.

It’s likely that number is going to continue to grow, as will the investments made by tech companies in AI. A study published by Teradata in 2018 showed that 80% of investors were investing in AI.

So really just how ‘gung ho’ is the prediction that various UX and digital marketing tasks will become automated processes in the future? You tell me.

AI could very well take everyone’s job, but it’s more likely that AI will create as many jobs as it destroys. I don’t think there is any need to fear the AI software of the future; though, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared.

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