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Spire Digital
Spire Digital
May 6, 2018

For over 20 years, we’ve helped startups bring big ideas to the market. With 120+ successful exits for startup clients and 150+ new products launched, we’ve committed wholeheartedly to the community.

For Spire, Denver Startup Week brings an important opportunity to not only connect with Colorado’s best and brightest but also share what we’ve learned. This year, we’ve submitted 4 sessions. We hope you’ll vote.


Doing Good With Design Thinking

Mike Gellman, CEO
Dave Maren, VP of Strategy
Yaniv Kanif, Founder of Achroma

Spire Digital and Pledge 1% present the second annual Doing Good With Design Thinking interactive panel discussion. Last year’s break-out session featured a fascinating story about how design thinking is being used in Southeast Asia to stop the intractable problem of pandemics. We then looked at how the same principles could be applied to a social problem in our own backyard, homelessness. This year’s session will explore an intractable problem: discrimination. Whether getting a loan or a latte, the issue pervades society. With a focus on race, gender, religion and orientation bias in technology, we’ll look at how a human centered-approach to innovation can make real change and, in many cases, real profits. Featuring some of the top minds in both entrepreneurship and design thinking, this session will motivate, incite, and ignite.


You’re Not Nutty. Android Dev Hiring Akin to Chasing Purple Squirrels 

Julianne Streff, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Have you ever begun recruiting only to realize what you need is a purple squirrel? That happened in my search for Android developers. It’s great to be a developer in Denver; the market commands more jobs than workers. That means it’s challenging as a hiring manager – more so sourcing contractors.

Here are 5 things I learned:

  • Small budget? Android may not be the best framework
  • Many are gainfully employed; be able to explain why they should leave
  • There’s a gap between Sr & Jr; who costs more?
  • Salary isn’t everything; have counter benefits, from education to culture. Some will take a CUT for the right add-ons
  • To stay on track, a recruiter can help


Spatial Thinking for UX Designers

Becky Pierson, Product Designer

When humans enter a space (building, park, entryway, campus, home) what kind of visceral reaction do they experience? That uneasy, curious, excited, amazed feeling can be designed and uniquely intentional.

Inspired by UX designers being asked to design for augmented and virtual reality, in this workshop you’ll explore what it’s like to design for 3D spaces by creating with your hands. You’ll hear from VR designers, architects, industrial designers and product designers on how to let our design canvas fill the room and you’ll leave with new skills and insights in your design toolbox.


Process is Not a Dirty Word

Nick Coppolo, Chief Product Officer

The ubiquitous image of the startup delivery team is one of product people, designers and developers running fast and loose, fueled by passion and great coffee. All too often these teams suffer from “groupthink paralysis” and the death spiral cocktail made up of poorly communicated requirements, arbitrary timelines, quality issues and a lack of predictability.

For startups and with cross-functional teams, a mature software design and development process, one that compliments the unique needs of an early stage venture can dramatically increase capital efficiency and speed to learning as well as lower the costs of goods.

Spire Digital’s Chief Product Officer discusses the tactics, roles, and responsibilities in Spire’s particular flavor of Lean software development, tailored to suit a Lean product development process.

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