Web Design Trends for 2019

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Grace Hartman
Jan 17, 2019

Illustrations are getting weird. Color pairings are evolving. Content is conversational. Devices are talking back. Interfaces are accessible. Everything is minimal. Welcome to web design in 2019.

Rising Web Design Trend: Abstract Compositions

2018 was all about those illustrations. You know which ones I’m talking about. The blue illustrated people placing lifesize buttons on blown up interfaces for tech companies. Say goodbye to our approachable diverse friends and say hello to organic, unrefined illustrations and patterns.

Millennial Design Trend: Unique, Minimal Color Pairings

Perhaps my favorite trend for next year, web color patterns are evolving from the ever so present tech blue to exciting and unique combinations that we’ve only seen on print thus far. Dropbox was a first adopter of this trend, shocking people with the variety of color combinations showcased on their site, and [gasp!] didn’t adhere to a 3 color palette style guide.

Designing Conversational Interfaces

Let’s face it, even my 90 year old grandma uses facebook now. We’re all users, we’re all humans, let’s start using real language on the web. Companies are removing the technical jargon and talking to people like, wait for it, people. Even better, conversational interfaces make users feel comfortable, listened to and like this experience was curated just for them.

Voice Activated Interfaces

We’ve all been well acquainted with Siri and Alexa for a minute now, but what does that mean for future design? Over 20% of mobile google searches were done with voice queries, but voice activation can span to so much more. Using filters, submitting forms, taking actions, browsing articles – voice is not limited to just a search channel. With smart speakers becoming more and more commonplace in homes, websites and software will have to adhere to these new user patterns to keep up.

How will this change UI? Voice activation is an entirely different action, and so it should be presented as one. Moving graphic elements that mimic sound waves indicate that there is something (someone) waiting to interact with you. The look and feel should match the brand’s style and voice so that it feels like an integral part of the experience, rather than an outside, disconnected persona. As voice recognition technology advances, these interactions can become more conversational and real, creating more authentic experiences for consumers.

Design with Accessibility in Mind

Far too often do we try to design the shiniest websites and software and forget about the entire audience trying to consume, use and enjoy this content. Adding a wide variety of accessibility options to a site expands usability to all people. This trend is here to stay, I foresee this becoming mandatory in the not too distant future. To learn more, check out this awesome article about designing for accessibility.

Web Design in 2020

At Spire Digital, we do our best to stay at the cusp of trends. Stay tuned to see how our design team will experiment with illustration, color pairings, conversational design, and accessibility. If you’re looking for trendy, functional design, contact us.





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